How it all Started

Skid1288 was bored and always wanted to have a band and work in soundboarding... (though he is retarded witch might be a roadblock i don't know though... /sarcasm) he then founded this thingy on April 3rd, 2019

And now What the Hell do we Do Now?

Sign up local acts or something :P, (i knew there was a rock band formed by some kids in my grandma's neighborhood idk if they would work whatever comes around goes around probs gonna have to sign shitty rap acts but whatever makes a music page happen :P


after we probably stay dormant for god knows how long... (possibly either skid forms that damn punk band or a friend makes something cool) we get to do shit! now what would make our utter shit music worth having burned on a shady CD-R sold at markets all over the slums of south america? well it'll be free and no legal action for theft! so go ahead and steal out shit! (maybe exept for skids band idk lol)